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Wonder who are the most knowledgeable people in the industry? We have gathered some of them for our brand new series!

We have interviewed some of the most interesting characters of the industry. Hopefully, escape game lovers learned a lot from them. We have, that's for sure. Among our many new projects, we have started a new series: 'Ask the expert'. Together with Matt Silver (Esc Room Addict), we have developed the project from scratch. Our objective is to bring some of the most knowledgeabe people together and create an amazing quiz once every two weeks. From part three on, our readers will be given the opportunity to join the game and show their escape room knoweledge.

Let us introduce Matt, who is an amazing partner:


Matt Silver

Matt Silver

Matt is the founder and lead consultant from EscRoomAddict.com (ERA). As of September, 2016 Matt has completed over 130 different escape rooms across several North American cities such as Toronto, Chicago, Buffalo, Ottawa, Hamilton, Syracuse and more.

His passion and knowledge of escape rooms comes from a deep rooted love for anything promoting teamwork, communication, and alternative entertainment. His specialized skills are best found through his company MattSilver.ca where he's worked as an Organizational Alignment and Teams Specialist for the past 15yrs.

When asked what his favourite experience from the escape room industry has been so far? Matt instantly has an excited look on his face and says ''Anytime I get to travel with the ERA team, or sit down with owners over a hot chocolate and talk about escape rooms in North America! Nothing beats the feeling of connecting with good people who love escape rooms as much as I do!''


Meet our experts:

Scott MoninScott Monin

Scott is an escape room reviewer and blogger based in Sydney, Australia. He is the owner of“Escape Rooms in Sydney,an escape room blog which contains reviews of primarily Sydney-based rooms, but also rooms in other states and territories of Australia.

"I started the blog in December 2014, which was when the first escape room opened here in Sydney.  At the time, to my knowledge I was the only Sydney-based escape room blogger.  My team and I do a lot of beta testing of new rooms and I have recently started lending assistance with the design side of rooms.

Escape rooms are becoming very popular in Australia – there are new escape rooms opening up every month and they are starting to open up in regional areas as well (rather than solely in CBDs of major cities).  No doubt like many other parts of the world, we have a mix of great and very average rooms.  I set up my blog to help others decide which rooms to spend their hard-earned money on, and which rooms to pass on."


Danielle Height

Danielle Height

At the start of her passion, Danielle began by researching rooms through the popular review stie EscRoomAddict.com. Danielle has an eye for marketing trends and knows how to help with effective branding, so it's no wonder the EscRoomAddict.com team soon discovered this regional expert and added her to their ranks! Danielle adds her several dozens of rooms to the 350+ completed rooms the ERA team had collectively completed across North America's largest cities like Toronto, Los Angeles and Chicago. Her escape room expertise are found in her quick control and assessment of a situation while cleverly avoiding all things math related. Her knowledge of the Canadian marketplace is also becoming one of ERA's greatest assets.


Lisa and David Spira

The RoomEscapeArtist.com team

Room Escape Artist publishes well-researched, rational, and reasonably humorous escape room reviews, design and players tips at least three times a week. Lisa and David Spira, a predictive data expert and an experience designer, founded the site in 2014 to share a love of letting strangers lock them inside giant puzzles, and to push the makers of those giant puzzles to create the best experiences they can.


Filios Sazeides

Filios Sazeides

Filios is a talented entrepreneur and an enthusiastic escape room player. For two years, he is the owner ClueJob, a unique escape game experience and now hostel. Collaborated in team building events that merge escape room approach, puzzles, games into one. He played escape rooms in different countries in Europe. 

As an experienced businessman and player he knows about the other, less-known side of the industry while always striving for excellence and innovation.

Fruzsina Gyarmaty

Fruzsina Gyarmaty

Fruzsina has played games in many European countries. She is not only a big fan of games, but someone, who wants to know every little detail of the games she's played. She's fulfilled her dream by becoming the Branch Manager of Scavenger Escape. The idea of the game was born in late 2014 when they had many escape games together in Budapest and found them a bit outdated. They decided to build rooms that represent the next generation of escape games with the focus on the quality.They finally opened the Budapest branch in January of 2016, and skyrocketed since: we operate in Austria, Hungary and Malta and will open in 2 other countries this year. We are now aiming to be mentioned amongst the bigger franchises in Europe.

"I feel like a seasoned veteran with so many challenges and successes behind us during this short period of time. Escape rooms are extremely popular in Budapest (and spreading quickly int he countriside as well). However, the first games were built with a relatively low budget and for my taste, most of the games in Budapest are a bit outdated. But we have many local enthusiasts and also huge amount of tourists who fell in love with escape games during their trip to Budapest."