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We have already wrote about how good place can an escape game be for a date. But this time a couple in Florida might took it too far.

The biggest escape room news site unveiled the story of two players, instead of bothering with clues and locks, decided to go down on each other. What started with a first date ended with something completely different.

But let the game master describe the story: ‘I was just having a nap in my comfortable chair in the control room when I suddenly woke up for something. I checked the monitor and the fist thing that came into my mind was that I left the porn on. Nothing special’.

But than the surprise just hit: ‘It wasn’t an incognito page and the quality was too poor for a porn movie. I suddenly realized that the action was happening in our escape room and I was watching it live.

The employee went on telling that he was so embarrassed that he did not have the courage to talk to the players who went on having a full usage test of the captain’s table in a pirate themed room.

The couple obviously couldn’t escape and after 60 minutes the door automatically opened. It might be a habit of them, as they were not embarrassed and gave a 5 stars review at escape-rooms.com. As they described the place was cozy, the props were of good quality and the staff was helpful.

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