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One of the World’s biggest entertainment companies just broke into the escape game market. Disney Meetings started their own escape game called ‘The Escape Challenge’ in their Orlando theme park.

In the past decades The Walt Disney Company - or commonly known Disney has grown from a small venture to the second largest media conglomerate. They now stepped onto the ‘escape market’. Their special meetings and teambuilding services, ’Disney Meetings’ opened the first Disney room escape, “The Escape Challenge” at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

The main set has a bit of steampunk style, where living actors instruct players on solving the mystery and find the ‘Stone of Stones’. Adventurer’s road is leading through a deserted pirate ship and a mad scientist’s lab.

Disney's entering the escape market

Their special themed rooms are now available for private parties and Disney takes care of having an extraordinary adventure. As an extra feature all the challenges could be tailor-made for the groups and the full set is mobile and transportable.

Disney's entering the escape market

With their high quality storytelling and design Disney really took escape games to a next level.

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