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Love escape rooms and technology? Ford came up with a pretty wild idea recently. Test drives are always fun, especially when it comes to SUVs but the giant managed to add a bit of a twist to it.

Driving through a gigantic escape room

Your typical escape room experience of playing for 60 minutes with a few people, trying to solve the puzzles has been transformed into a large game at New York's 35,000 square foot Moynihan Station. Four players in a Ford, trying to escape by using the car’s new features. The show is a great marketing campaign - the industry giant found its way to a dynamically growing industry, the world of escape rooms. The combination seems to be a winning one as more and more people seek entertainment in unexpected ways. 

The whole project has been designed for millennials. While the brand has been popular among them, Ford is aware of the changed car-buying habits and preferences, especially the millennials pose a challenge in many industries, including the car industry. Test drivers and their passengers are potential customers and introducing a new model can be great in a playful, fun way. What about the escape room enthusiasts?  This is surely a challenge that most fans find it difficult although Ford set the seed limit at 5 mile-per-hour for safety reasons.

The company designed five different rooms for the players. The new Ford Escape SUV numerous features had to be used in order to escape from the series of different rooms. The adventure started at a typical New York-style apartment, then players had to drive through a coffee stand, an office place and a film festival. The Ford Escape’s new hands-free parking feature has been tested as well, which is an active park assist, 360-degree cameras and remote start and lock, as well as FordPass, an app that helps users locate parking. 

It’s an exciting idea for sure, though you surely won’t see many games of this kind around the world. New York, as one of the capitals of escape rooms, is the best possible city for this kind of entertainment. We definitely find this event to be one of the most original ones this year. As escape rooms are getting more and more popular by the day, it wouldnt’t surprised us if Ford won the hearts of many millennials while letting them drive its newest vehicle.