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Silver medalist tennis player, Del Potro had a rough, yet heroic way to the final.

Argentine tennis star, Juan Martin Del Potro, who has been struggling with severe injuries for years, has fought his way to the Olympic final last week. His heroic campaign included a win over world number one Novak Djokovic and an escape from an elevator.

You have surely heard of how challenging the Olympic village has been to its athletes. At times, one must think that the facility is part of a large escape game in the Brazilian metropolis.

Prior to his match against the number one, the towering Argentine got stuck in an elevator at Olympic village. For 40 minutes. What a way to start your Olympics campaign! As surreal as it is, this was a real-life escape room for the star and apparently he had no idea how to break out of the suffocating elevator.

Have you ever thought about an escape room exclusively deisgned as an elevator? Surely, Del Potro would think twice before entering such a room. In the end, it was the Argentine handball team that rescued him. You might consider it a disadvantage, but the silent chamber might have given the champ an idea or two - how to beat the world number one.

We would love to hear about similar stories. It's not everyday a top athlete of Del Potro's caliber ends up in such a situation, let alone at an event like this one. If you have similar escape-stories, don't hesitate to share them with us.