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Young escape room lovers from LA, Juliana Patel and Ariel Rubin are turning your living room into your own exit-the-room playground. They achieved huge success with their crowdfounded campaign, Escape Room In a Box on Kickstarter. Right after starting, backers flooded their page and in less than a day they arrived to their goal $19,500 and founding still continues for a month.

But what do they exactly do?

At first glance you might think this escape game is just another werewolf themed mobile game. But if you look closer, a very nice idea is about to evolve. The girls created a unique package which contains a complete toolkit for the game and ship it to you for a very convenient price.

The package is very professional and contains a lot clues and tricks. An interesting idea and an attractive opportunity for those who are not able to visit an escape room or just want to cheer up their house party.



It might feel a little odd to buy a disposable escape game, but the team have invented a solution to dissolve all the black clouds. For a small extra fee, you can buy a refill package and Game Master set. Refill packages will change the disposable parts of the game so it allows you to play again. And Game Master set will make you a real expert and you can guide others through the game who have never experienced this story (again, how great idea for your kid’s birthday party).

We’re going to keep an eye on the girl’s project which could be even bigger and prosperous than they expected. It really worth to support them for extra discounts on starter packages.

You cannot believe how many reasons one can have to play an escape game. For example, it can spice up a first date!

Congratiulation to the girls, they've just hit $50,000 donations today!

The campaing of Juliana and Ariel just have finished on last Friday. Congratulation on the successfully raised $135,000, it's nearly 7-times more than they were aim for. We hope they can use it well!

Last updated: 03/ö7/16