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Our journey goes on: we have found three places where you should test your abilities in the Steel city.


Pittsburgh often called the 'Steel city' as the area is used to known as an industrial hub for coal mining and steel production. It has changed in the last few decades, and now Pittsburgh is famous for its great education system and medicine. Pittsburgh has very successful and popular sport teams as well. Yes, if you're a Yinzer than you know this already. But have you visited the secret venues listed below?

If you’re looking for a free time activity in Pittsburgh, why don’t you try one of the great escape rooms you can find there? In this article, we would like to share useful infromation about these exciting games.

 Escape rooms in Pittsburgh

You can play escape games in three different rooms in Pittsburgh

Escape Room

Escape Room was the first real life escape room in Pittsburgh. For several years, this was the only place where you could find exit game in the city, but it doesn’t mean that the guys at Escape Room don’t focus on the quality.

Dr Stein's Laboratory or the classic Prison Escape game. Both rooms can be played by up to eight persons, but a minimum of three people is required to start the game. Don’t forget the following special rule: you and your team will have only one chance to escape from the selected room. If you fail, you can try the other one.

While the themes are mainly designed to be entertaining, the authors other goal was to create educational experiences.

Daring Escapes

Trapped with a Zombie doesn't sound funny at all - until you try this unique escape game. Daring Escapes is a very popular theme in films, and now you can test your skills in real life when you are in danger.

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie. Communication, adrenaline, leadership. This great team game that gives chills to participants. Players are facing the fate of being eaten by zombies - quite a terrifying prospect. The scripts for the game are carefully written by the creators. Only an effective team can escape in time.

This company is specialized for team building events while solving the puzzle requires a real team work. This game can be played by 12 players, but of course there is a possibility to start the game with fewer participants.

Escape The Room Pittsburgh

At Escape The Room Pittsburgh you can find the most various type of themes. They have four different themed rooms, and each of them have a minimum capacity of eight people. This escape room is ideal for team building events as they welcome larger groups.

Escaping from the Apartment can be solved the easiest, but appearances can be deceiving, this cozy room brings many surprises for its players. The Dig is a little bit more challenging.

If you plan to bring your collegues or your big family to play together, in News Room, you will have a lot of fun. The last game of the series is The Agency, you need to complete a secret mission, which sounds quite thrilling.

If you would like to play only with your friends or family, you should book all the tickets in the selected time for the room. Otherwise, you will play with strangers, but it could still be a fun experience. Are you planning to check out rooms in other cities? Read our article with full of interesting facts about escape rooms all around the world.