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Our series continues in Sydney where we feature our top 5 pick in this beautiful city.


While Sydney is not the capital of Australia, it's the most famous and popular city in down under. In fact Sydney is a natural harbour, one of the most beautiful you can find in the world. Alongside tourism, the city is also famous for it's advanced market economy.

After you visit the stunning Opera House, you should try at least one of the following real life escape games!

Escape rooms in Sydney

There are plenty of real life escape games in Sydney

Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt is the best place to organize corporate events in Sydney. They have six rooms, and they can host 72 players at the same time. There is a spacious lounge with projectors, and the games are open for all ages: none of them requires strong physical activity. Companies can choose between a 1,5 hour or a 3 hour action-packed team building experience.

You can take part in warm up puzzles before the real games. After that, you can solve one of the three historical mysteries of Sidney. In Robbery in the Cottage, a gold coin stash is stolen. Your task is to solve the case using logic and teamwork, before the thieves disappear in the darkness. It is widely considered to one of the best games in the entire city. 

Extorition in the Dockyard is another unique one, where players are expected to save the reputation of a blackmailed captain. For the more advanced, experienced players, Assassin in the Pub is the perfect choice. The whole game is based on the real life Sydney-based Razor gang. The crime group was active in the 1920's. The players need to find the assassin of the gang leader.

Escape Hunt Sydney is a nice place for couples, families or smaller group of friends too: they welcome 2 to 5 players per room.


ParaPark is the scariest place in Sydney. They’re a worldwide known escape game brand, with rooms all around the world including in Europe and South America. They have excellent quality games in Sydney too.

ParaPark might only have two rooms, but they are quite incredible. Passage no. 9 is chilly, strange and terrifying. It's a game that can be played be beginners and experienced players as well. The subject matter is unique, as the game centers around an abandoned, haunted building, that is full of secrets. Your task will be to get those spirits out of their prison. As the game processes, the passage opens. It's all about timing - you have to get back from the passage in time...

Only advanced players can take on CrimeScene '95. A cold case, a murder that policy could not investigate. Your team's quest is to find out more about the murderer, the victim and the circumstances of the case. A great game for tested teams.

The Enigma Room

Enigma Room is one of the first escape room venues in Sydney. This company is founded by three friends with lot of real life escape game experience, so the high quality of the games are guaranteed.

The room offers two games. Doctor Disaster is like a Bond movie. You have to save the planet from a maniac, this time a dictator of a small but powerful island, who has built a secret missile base on the moon. Now, he is willing to rule the world. However, a brave insider has sent out an important message, which contains crucial information. It's up to you, how you will use this tool.

Have you seen Inception? Find memories, dreams a precarious territory? Well...In Memorian is a game for those who seek mind-blowing escape room experiences. You find a woman in coma. You don't know anything about her. Your task is to find out about her past through her memories to save her. If you fail to succeed, you might end up as a memory yourself.

The Mystery Puzzle

The Mystery Puzzle has the largest escape rooms in Sydney: each rooms can be fill up with twelve players, so it can be a great place for corporate events for smaller companies.

You can select from two games. The Room of the Lost Pirate Souls is the most famous of the games as it has large capacitiy and much adventure. You are sailing on a huge pirate ship, firing at other vessels en route to success. Not recommended for beginners or smaller groups.

The Mystery Puzzle never ceases to surprise its visitors. The video footage brings up three suspects in a bank robbery case in The Great Bank Robbery. Help the police solve the mystery and escape the room in time! It's great for beginners as well.

PanIQ Room

PanIQ Room has the cheapest prices: a game costs only 30 Australian Dollar per person for groups of at least six players. The organizers have a huge experience in the industry while they're operating in different cities all around the world.

In Sydney, they are boasting three adventurous missions. Here you can defuse the bomb, escape from the supercell and so on. 

The first game is Abandoned Military Bunker on the Rocks. If you ever wondered what is it like to be an agent, now you have the chance to try yourself as one. Your mission is to get inside of a bunker and get your hands on data of international importance. You don't have much time to think though, a bomb is ticking, and you are locked up...

Supercell 117. You make decisions, teammates might suffer the consequences. In this game, you are locked away from each other. In Sen3es, a magician is playing mind tricks with you. You are in his mansion, a seemingly endless labyrinth.



All of these cool rooms are usually full, don't forget to book your experience in time!