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We have started a big tour around the globe where we search for the best escape rooms in a given city. Our first stop is Toronto, the lively metropolis of Canada.

The new series of articles is featuring the best escape rooms around the world. Each piece places emphasis on a given city and its best escape games. In case you are visiting one of our featured cities, you can easily check out the best rooms.

Our first stop: Toronto

With its many districts and ethnic diversity, Toronto is a city for everyone. It can be the perfect place for the art lover, the luxury traveler, or even the adrenaline junkie. There is plenty to do here and live escape games are buzzing in the past few years in the city. We have gathered 14 escape game venues here so far which is quite a significant number.


Escape rooms in Toronto

As you can see, Toronto does not lack the thrill of escape games


Escape Games Canada

Let’s start with a real giant. Escape Games Canada with its 929 square meters (10,000 square feet) size is one of the largest facilities in the world. Every piece of it is 100% Canadian made. They welcome large groups up to 50 people and have extra team packages. This is a scale where you can organize big fundays for companies or invite all of your friends to a big birthday party.

There are 7 different rooms with a variety of themes. The Mayan Curse gives participants the chance to explore the mysterious Mayan culture. This is a great escape room for beginners, it accomodates 3-8 players. Those who take part in this adventure, will be required to lift the curse of an ancient god. A real challenge for the brain, and those that cannot solve the tasks, might trap inside forever. It is worth to note that the whole room is hand-made, with unique decorations. 

Escape from Bleak Prison is as suffocating, exciting game as it gets. The theme might not be new to more experienced players, but the execution and design of the room provides surprises for everyone. Built for beginners, Bleak Prison places emphasis on the importance of communications between teammates. Based on statistics, only 40% of participants managed to break out of the cell. 

Haunting of Noriko is for the more experienced players. 5-12 people can choose to go with this haunting experience in Japan. The two-story house, that was built up entirely to become an escape room, gives enough space for players to feel lost and terrified en route to success or failure.

A serial killer is on the loose, and players have to stop him in Crossroads. The game is most ideal for 4-9 players. The team, as detectives, will have to find and catch the dangerous maniac before it's too late. A complex puzzle, deisgned to bring out your communication skills.

At last but not least, Syndicate: Relic Heist is also part of the escape room's repertoire. This time though, players will be on the other side of the law, trying to break in and out of a top security museum. The task is to successfully steal a rare, valuable item. The game is for up to 8, more experienced players. 

Escape Games Canada is a perfect place for escape game enthusiast who want to try out a variety of games, with themes ranging from tech to culture. Since the place is very popular, don’t forget to book your game in advance.

Real Escape Game Toronto


Our second venue, Real Escape Game Toronto has something special to offer. Besides two permanent rooms, they host special events seasonally. Players are crawling to get into these games and for a good reason: combining escape games with cosplay is brilliant idea!

Although Escape from the Time Travel Lab is a game invented in Japan, this escape room adopted it. So far, only 6% of the players have escaped, making it an extremely difficult challenge. Time travel is the theme, you might as well find yourself trapped in another period of history.

As far as weird, unique names for games are concerned, The Trial of the Mad Fox Society definitely makes the top of the list. Being tested by a group of mysterious, crafty entities, the players shall solve the problems in order to get out.

This escape room offers a somewhat unorthodox experience for brainy, bright players. As their schedule is usually full, you might as well book your game now!  



We shouldn’t miss from our list LockQuest, Canada’s first live escape game which is operated by a professional game developer. Here fun, immersion and experience matters.

They’re guiding you through a story in Escape the Book Club Killer with a series of clues and hiding places in a tailor-made room where you should feel yourself fantastic, whether escape or not. They’re aiming to having fun during the gameplay, not stressing. The whole set-up, the decorations help players feel comfortable while solving the mystery of the room. A real social, team game. You will not get out in time alone, that's for sure!

In our opinion the room could be a bit more scarier since it’s a ‘killer’ game. For players who prefer thinking over shaking, this is the perfect puzzle to complete.

Casa Loma Escape Series: Escape from the Tower


The Casa Loma Escapes Series takes you back in time. Players can relive real events of the 20th century. The team responsible for the creation of this unique escape experience, designed the whole venue in a stylish manner.

In Escape from the Tower the team created a fictional experience which is based on facts. During the war, Casa Loma functioned as an anti-submarine detecting research lab until it was bombed in the London Blitz. So the game takes place in an actual tower! During the gameplay history comes alive around you. PLayers are required to spot submarines in an hour's time.

King of the Bootleggers. Want to join the notorious gangster's mob? Players in this game will have the chance to bring up their games in the bootlegging empire of the 1920's. A stylish, elegant game for everyone. 

In Station M, right after the World War II, a hidden manufacturing facility is discovered. It produces gadgets and covert material for the British Security Coordination. Do not forget to save an escape plan while you are putting the pieces together.



 You can read more details if you click on the links of the rooms itself. If you’re a first time live escape game player you should check out our tips for beginners.