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As a part of our series this time we visit Utrecht, the heart of Holland to see the best escape rooms.


Utrecht is the beating heart of Holland. The city is the 4th largest in the Netherlands and used to be the most important and popular city until the 18th century when it has been succeeded by Amsterdam. Despite its size, Utrecht has the second most cultural events in the Netherlands.

After roaming in the medieval city centre or sailing in the old canals you should try an adventurous exit game. Let us recommend you some places to pop-in.

Escape rooms in Utrecht

You can find a couple of escape rooms in the centre of Utrecht

Mysterium Escape Room

The escape room at this venue takes place in a medieval wharf cellar. It really takes you back in time, and you can feel like continuing your tour in the past.

The owners of Mysterium have almost 30 years experience in team building and they have exceptional possibilities for private events as well. Just as combined hunts, smartphone games, pub quizzes, workshops and parties.

So besides being an escape room for smaller groups, they really focus on bigger group events, the are welcome groups up to 255 person.

The Queen: Real Adventure Game

One of the most buzzing facilities ever. Literally... the theme of the venue is bees and honey. You might know the short story, “Royal Jelly” of Roald Dahl, British writer about the Taylor family and their drama with honey and royal jelly.

In their only one bee-themed room you can investigate the story of the beautiful chemist Beatrice Taylor - who got her name after the family in the story.

The whole theme is inspired by surreal stories and role playing games. The owners of The Queen hired a bunch of designers, storytellers, set designers, artists and actors to create even the interior and the storyline as well.

Gajes in de Bajes

Wow! Here you can escape from a real prison. Gajes in de Bajes takes place in an actual, old prison in the city centre of Utrecht.

During the gameplay you’ll going to meet the story of Gerrit Crook the master of breaking who was a real historical figure who broke into many places and he could even escape from this prison.

The creators of the game really payed attention on details and created it as realistic as it can be. They even did a research in Utrecht’s historical archive. They did an excellent job, the cellar gives real goose bumps to the players. It’s only recommended over age 16.


Players at Escaping can choose between two different themes Timebomb and Patient X.

At Timebomb, as a secret agent, you have 60 minutes to defuse the bomb which is planted by the terrorists at a hidden location. Be 007 and save the Queen your country.

At Patient X you are an unaware patients who are applying for an experimental medicine test. You have only one job, take the medicine and wait for the results. But what results…

The escape game takes place in a restaurant so 2 in 1, you can celebrate your win with a nice meal too. With its lounge and meeting room the venue is suitable for group events too, such as team building seminars with a bit of excitement in each room at the time.

Escape This Room

At Escape This Room you can choose between 3 room and 2 different themes. Two of the rooms are totally identical and gives larger groups the opportunity to play simultaneously.

At Missing! you should find the beautiful actress, Elise Starr who is disappeared during her Europe tour

While in The Battle Room - which is the double one - you can take over the wheel and guide the the U.S. Government to prevent doom. During the you should find your allies and recognise your enemies. We don’t know which is harder to solve the puzzle or realize, who’s friend or foe.

Escape This Room - Utrecht

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