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After our first visit in Canada, we have decided to explore Washington, D.C. a bit. We are happy to say that even the capital of the US is aboundant of escape rooms.

Washington, D.C.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Capitol Hill, White House and the great museum quarter. These are the attractions that everybody can read about and perhaps everybody have been. As a small child you've been here - the number of visiting school groups is the highest in the States - to stare the President residance and was amazed by the size of the Abe Lincoln statue. As an adult you probably have mixed feeling towards the people runnig the country from the capital but the city itself has great attractions.

The new form of entertainment are the escape rooms popping out the ground nowadays. You'll be locked in a room with some of your friends and you have to find a way out. Solving puzzles thinking/working together is great fun and you could easily spend 90 minutes meanwhile the other part of your group visits the monuments you already saw at least 3 times. Here you can find these brand new and exciting places:

Escape rooms in Washington

Washington has a couple of exciting escape rooms

Escape Room Live DC

Escape Room Live DC has two different locations one in Washington and one in Alexandria. At Washington they have a capacity up to 54 people and in Alexandria for 110.

They are up to host private parties as well where you can rent out all the rooms for hourly fees for 1-3 hours. The price of a private game is from $360 to $1500 but this time you can have a nice and extra memorable time with served foods and drinks.

If you’re looking for a regular game by clicking to the website, at the first moment they offer you 10% off your booking by subscribing with two clicks. That’s quite fair.

Back to the 80’s - Their most ridiculous theme, the whole design is sooo 80’s and the funniest is that if you’re arriving dressed as they used to in then get extra points (and extra fun).

I Was Framed! - At this room you should free your fellow agent and friend, who’s accused of committing a murder. You should break into his office and find out the truth to prove his innocence.

Paramount Pictures “13 Hours” Room - At this track you should face an evil terrorist cell in an ex-military operative. You should thwart their plans to save your comrades.

Escape Artist DC

The creators of Escape Artist DC were real artists of real life escape games. They cheered up all their stories with unusual goals and endings.

Gallery Heist - At this quest you should find a stolen artwork at the black market by solving various puzzles and cracking codes to get into the vault for the key. The fastest group who breaks the outstanding record gets a precious prize.

Night at the Museum - Extremely great quest where you find yourself in an the secret party of the restaurators in the museum. But suddenly something goes wrong and one of the precious artworks get ruined. You should restore the painting into the original condition before the boss arrives.

House of Pawns - You can solve the energy crysis of the world. An asteroid contains cheap energy sources. You should find the secret formula to catalyze the elements.

The Escape Lounge

The Escape Lounge is one of the most unique experiences we can meet. The whole venue is for families and they are aiming to kids as well. One of the two rooms is specially for kids over 5 years.

Escape the classroom - Obviously this is the theme for kids. The story is very simple. When the classes are over students are ready packed to leave the school and all worries behind. But when they are about to exit the classroom the door is locked. They have to find the hidden key to escape.

Escape the Oval Office - The government is hiding some secrets about life on the Moon. The Apollo 11 Mission gathered some extra confidential informations which you just got. You have to get out with the information before The President arrives back to his chair.

Insomnia Escape

Insomnia Escape really brings you back in time. They recently opened their second room but both of them have high quality designs and stunning sets. Both of the tracks require you to think out of the box and insert yourself into the era. To find out the solutions you really have to immerse both in style and thinking.

Cosa Nostra - During the classy 30’s at the time of Prohibition as a cop under cover, you have to earn the trust of one of the biggest smuggler families of the city and find evidence in connection of the Maffia.
The Secret Society - The Order of Alchemists found the Philosopher’s Stone. You should sneak into the Alchemists’ library and find the stone to stop them.

The Great Escape Room

The Great Escape Room has very low prices: you can play here from only $23 per person. This venue is ideal for larger groups, up to 12 players can play a game, but even a couple can enjoy the thrill of the escape game. In Washington D.C. they have three different themed rooms: The Library, The Gameroom and the Infirmary.

They even organize portable corporate events, so you can hold a very special puzzle-solving event in your location. The maximum number of players on these private parties can be 65.

The Great Escape Room - Washington DC

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