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Have you ever wondered if there were any Star Wars themed escape-rooms? I would bet you didn’t.

The movie everyone’s been waiting this year, the iconic Star Wars series’ next part (Rogue One) from Disney is in the theaters. The first reviews after the premier in Los Angeles, seem to be pretty good. This movie is a must for fans and… for everyone. 

I have good news, that there are some, maybe even close to you. I would be amazed if anyone could make a room for all of the episodes separately following the timely order of the movies... That would be just awesome. 

They used to have a room on the Disney Dream Cruise ship for kids, with thematic games, activities, amenities, back in 2015. 

star wars themed room

We already wrote an article about Disney's entering the escape-room business, since generally it’s great to get out of any room and it can positively influence the reputation of escape-rooms.  

I think it would be the time for them to start some Star Wars themed escape-rooms too, but not only as an exclusive feature for a few. Until we get heard, you can browse our page for star wars or other rooms and find the right one for you. May the Force be with you to get out!  

 han solo