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Escape Artist DC

Escape Artist DC
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  • Number of games: 3
  • Game types: 3
  • Number of players: 1-10
  • Franchise: No
  • Price range: $20-200
  • Booking (payment): Prepaid



ake a step out of Washington and into a Sherlock Holmes novel, or a competitive political thriller. At Escape Artist DC, as you enter our rooms, you also enter the narrative of our stories, solving the mysteries to discover the ending. We have transformed ordinary rooms into extraordinary playscapes: richly themed environments in which willing participants are asked to solve mind-bending puzzles in order to escape.

As you enter each room you become a character within the plot, surrounded by the story’s narrative. The challenges, riddles and the ending are up to you to figure out before the 45-minute timer runs out. Players must work together as a team, employing visual, spatial and analytical mental faculties in order to crack the case on time. Think of Escape Artist DC like a fancy cocktail: one part mystery, one part problem-solving, and two parts teamwork, with a dash of adrenaline.

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20003, Washington D.C. 720 I Street SE