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Locked Escape

Locked Escape
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  • Number of games: 5
  • Game types: 5
  • Number of players: 2-6
  • Franchise: Yes
  • Price range: 12000 - 14000 HUF
  • Booking (payment): Prepaid or cash



Enjoy a superb escape game in Budapest offered by Locked Escape. The special interior of their 5 games will take you to a world where you might have never been before. Guarantee the best real escape room prices and find the biggest escape game discounts and coupons in Budapest on escape-rooms.com homepage. Adress: 1061 Székely Mihály Str. 4

1061, Budapest Székely Mihály street 4

Review: 29/11/16

The Secret Lab remains by far one of the most challenging yet thorough rooms I have ever attempted. Very well thought out.