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Inside Out Escape

Inside Out Escape
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  • Number of games: 2
  • Game types: 2
  • Number of players: 2-6
  • Franchise: No
  • Price range: £21.50-£140.00
  • Booking (payment): Prepaid or cash



This is the room of the World famous detective Sherlock Holmes. The mystery is around the disappearance of Sherlock Holmes. Dr. Watson and his team get a letter from Holmes himself who left many clues and riddles inside the room that will lead the players to locate Sherlock, who is being kidnapped by his master villain, Dr. Moriarty. Only the sharpest minded players can solve the twisted puzzles of the famous detective. At the end of the game the players can reveal the hideout of Dr. Moriarty, where he keeps Sherlock kidnapped

N7 OBL, Camden London 3 Brecknock Road

Mark Kennedy
Review: 11/08/17

I really like to play games which is challenges me, and also very exciting. Thank you for the great time!