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Clocked In Escape Room

Clocked In Escape Room
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  • Number of games: 2
  • Game types: 2
  • Number of players: 2-10
  • Franchise: No
  • Price range: $29
  • Booking (payment): Prepaid


Experience a THRILLING adventure unlike anything you've ever done before!  Where you will solve RIDDLES and PUZZLES in order to ESCAPE the room. Clock In to the Escape Room of your choice and solve the mystery before the time runs out! Schedule an adventure for your group or birthday party today!

78231, San Antonio 3519 Paesanos Parkway Suit 101

Review: 21/04/16

Really recommend Clocked In! Great hour spent with family or friends as well. The rooms are genuinely enjoyable and definitely worthy of your time:)