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  • Number of games: 1
  • Game types: 1
  • Number of players: 2-7
  • Franchise: No
  • Price range: €64-€136
  • Booking (payment): Cash on scene


The Tomb of Tutanchamun game: If you like the adventures of Indiana Jones, interested in the Secrets of the Pharaohs, or you’d like to hunt for hidden treasure and you fear not the unknown, then the time has come to try yourself in a real experience. You have 60 minutes to solve all riddles, get across the labyrinth, gain access to the chamber and find the treasure. Hurry up before someone else finds it!

The free Lili game: Have you ever imagined how it would be if you were the protagonist of an action filled event? Now you can try yourself out! In the game called „Free Lili” you have to save a real, living pet animal from genetic experiments. You and your team of experts have 60 minutes to gain access to the experimental laboratory and save Lili. Do you think you are fit for the assignment?

1080, Vienna Schönborngasse 13A

Ryan Willis
Review: 18/07/17

We come to Vienna just for visit. The city was beautiful and the people are really friendly. We had a chance to try The Tomb of Tutanchamun game. It was extraordinary. The game experience was perfect. I can highly recommend to anyone.

Anthony Fortner
Review: 11/08/17

The Free Lili game had amazing experience. A really great room.